What you Will Learn in this Class

* Tools & Materials- Learn about which clay tools are used for what purpose, and what materials you need to create exquisite ceramic sculptures.

*Clay Sculpture Techniques- There are many hand building techniques- in this you will learn how to coil build, slab build, hollowing out method and pinch method, and a few other beginning ceramic techniques

*How to fuse art and design- How to create quasi functional art objects and sculpture

*How to compose a sculpture- drawing & reference images- You will learn how to compose a sculpture, how to draw upon reference materials for inspiration, draw & watercolor your sculpture to have a reference and idea of how your final piece will turn out. While sculpture is a much slower process than other mediums it can be helpful to have an idea of how your piece will turn out while sculpting.

*Surface treatment- sgraffito, a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color and texture relief with lace & other patterns.

*Color- paint with Acrylic or Underglaze- Learn how to choose colors that work well together, how to highlight certain elements of your sculpture.

*Ways to avoid ceramics failures- (Moisture Content, Cracking, breakage) - Go over the many ways clay can fall apart, crack, break, etc. and solutions to fix a problem as well as ways to avoid them happening.

*Safe Working Environment- Working in a clean and safe environment is very important for clay. Jen will go over ways to maintain a clean and healthy working environment and ways to dispose of materials and how to clean your ceramics studio in a safe way.

About Your Instructor, Jen Dwyer

I have been teaching ceramics for over a decade (middle school, high school, college, private lessons & online) I have transferred my 6 week beginning clay workshop to online. I believe that Clay can be a very soothing, healing and empowering medium. I’m excited to share the tools, tips and tricks I have learned over the past 15 years of working in clay.

Example of the Coil Building Project

this amazing piece is by Clay Class Student Ana Sneeringer

Example of the Combination Project

by previous clay class student

Example of Air Dry Clay Texture & Surface

by previous clay class student Ana Sneeringer

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